Most Useful Android Apps In Daily Life

We use our smartphones for many things, we watch videos, listen to music, chat on social media, and use them for a variety of other things.

The use of our smartphones is one of the most important aspects to make our lives easier and fortunately, there are many apps out there

The tools listed below should make life easier in a variety of specific ways, so why not let us carry these things with us all the time and make our lives easier?

This is a tough list to crack, so it could take a while to list them here. But here are some of the most useful apps for Android, with a little background information on each app and a brief description of each.

1. Adobe Android App

Adobe has had some of the most useful apps in recent years, with the release of Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Creative Cloud.

They’re all good enough to be on the list of things to do, but many of these apps are filling a niche that other third-party apps simply don’t fill.

It is a free download, but an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription is required to get some features, and some of the features may require an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription to be unlocked.

2. IFTT App

IFTTT is simply one of the most useful apps ever, it’s an app that’s designed to automatically perform a number of basic tasks for you.

The list of things the app can do is pretty long in itself, but it doesn’t take long and can be automated, so it’s definitely useful. The great thing about this app is that all services, products and other apps have IFTTT support.

3. Google Translate App

Google Translate is the translation app available on all platforms and has received several updates over the years, including the ability to point something at the camera and have it translated in real time.

There is also a neural network-driven platform that helps make translation more accurate, as well as support for a number of new languages.

Google Translate is still the king of translators, but Microsoft Trans Translate and a few other apps are getting better. It has additional features, including the ability to translate conversations in two directions in real time.

4. Microsoft Android App

Microsoft has abolished it in recent years with its Windows Phone, Windows 8 and Windows 10 mobile apps.

But the company definitely has some of the most useful apps out there, and better ones are Microsoft Office, Office 365, Windows Phone, Microsoft Teams and Windows 10.

Cortana is also on the list, but as far as virtual assistants are concerned, it’s average at best. It also works with Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Teams, Windows Phone and Windows 10, and has a to-do list app that is slowly getting better.

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