Best Presentation App For Android

Best Presentation App For Android, Perhaps the best company presentation is the fastest, most concise way to present a lot of information to the customer. By joining Android phones and other devices like tablets with the right apps, you can ensure that you forever have access to your presentation when you need it. The app even allows you to create and edit slideshows directly from your mobile device.

Choosing the right Android presentation app depends on your individual needs, so read on to find the top five. When it’s time to show your audience something, plug your device into a monitor, and start your presentation.

1. Google Slides App

Google Slides is a great app for Android presentations and, for G Suite lovers, a great alternative to Google Docs or Google Slide for presentations.

It allows you to create, edit, view, and share presentations, and you can even open and edit and save PowerPoint files. They can also be present on any connected monitor such as a computer, tablet, phone, or even a scheduled video call.

2. Microsoft PowerPoint App

Microsoft’s trusted PowerPoint app lets you create, edit, and edit presentations in one go, so you can track your changes and work with others.

All presentation views are accessible from PowerPoint, making it easy to create engaging slideshows that excite your audience and impress your boss. With Office 365, you can synchronize your presentations with other Microsoft Office apps such as Outlook, Outlook Express, and Outlook SharePoint.

3. Mighty Meeting App

MightyMeeting is one of the most popular meeting management apps available today. With the Mighty Meeting app, you first create a PowerPoint presentation on your desktop and upload it to the cloud with Mightymeeting.

Viewers can watch the presentation and then discuss and share their own slides and share them with friends and colleagues. Even when you’re online, your colleagues and employees can join your virtual meeting to view your presentation from anywhere in the world, even if they’re halfway around the world.

Open an interactive whiteboard to exchange notes, charts, and sketches, and the speaker can send you the full presentation back after the session is over.

4. Presentation Timer Pro App

A good presentation is concise and to the point and does not waste valuable meeting time; therefore, an app like Presentation Timer Pro could be helpful. This Presentation Timer Pro android app turns your smartphone into a handy timer showing how much time you have left to complete your presentation.

It also silences your phone to ensure you’re not interrupted, and it turns the phone off as soon as you’re done.

To use the app, place your smartphone to see your presentation and tell it how long it should be, and it will show you the remaining time. This allows you to accelerate when you are behind or accelerate again when you have a bit more time, but not as much as you would like.

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